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Exploring different types of gold chains is a boundless journey. It began to unfold from the blacksmiths to the jewelers decades back and today, what we have is simply an incomparable charm. If chains keep you hooked and you can’t help but wish to delve a little more deeper into their world, you have come to the right place. Here are some of the most popular chain designs for you to explore:

  • Rope Chain: One of the most popular chains around the globe is this one. It has metal linkages or segments that are wrapped around one another to resemble a rope. It has a rough appearance, and the way the metal is braided reflects light and gives the impression of being dazzling. Women who cherish exquisite jewelry and dress to dazzle favor the rope chain because of its alluring and attractive twisted appearance. These chains are a standout item in our collection and are sturdy and long-lasting.

  • Figaro Chain: Another classic, the Figaro chain continues to be slightly more unique than other chains despite its rising popularity, which is good if you like rare items. Despite having an Italian heritage, this chain is worn all around the globe. It is a simple chain with a signature style that makes it appealing. Two or three round links are used to form this link chain's design, followed by an extended oval link.

  • Curb Chain: The curb chain is a traditional and classic style. The curb chain is perhaps the first design that springs to mind when considering unisex chains. It is a simple chain composed of links that are joined together and are all the same size. The links may be shaped like an oval or a circle. Even after being locked together, these linkages are flat against you.

  • Ball Chain: Another name for a ball chain is a bead chain. It consists of a number of beads that are linked together to create a chain. Each bead may be closely spaced on certain chains while being farther apart from others. One popular example is dog tags which are often fastened to ball chains.

  • Cable Chain: A cable chain is a simple type of chain resembling the iron shackles that were sometimes used to imprison people or those attached to anchor ships. Oval links that are identical and joined together form the cable chain. The wire is generally textured, and the links remain circular. It's a great chain to wear alone or with your favorite pendant to complete your outfit.

  • Box Chain: The box chain deviates from the usual round and oval chains. The connections are square and connect in a fashion that gives the appearance of a box, as the name would imply. Their linkage creates a seamless, continuous chain. The formation of this type of the gem is stable and strong for everyday use.

  • Snake Chain: The snake chain has a distinctive design and derives its name from how easily it can move. The chain's resemblance to a snake's movement gives it its title. The number of little loops, plates, or links that make up this chain is so great that they cannot be seen with the unaided eye. When worn, it complements any pendant worn on the neckline and flows like a smooth river.

  • Spiga Chain: A wheat chain is another name for the Spiga chain. This chain has twisted oval links that resemble braided ropes because of their appearance. The layout of this chain results in a harmonious chain with links that all face the same way. There is a lot of texture in this chain, making it a sight to behold. 

  • Herringbone Chain: This chain has twisted oval links that resemble braided ropes because of their appearance. The layout of this chain results in a harmonious chain with links that all face the same way. Together, the uniquely textured surface, the flexible motion, and the matchless radiance provide your outfit with a sensuous accent and elevate your femininity in a chic way.

  • Rolo Chain: Interlocking circular links make up the Rollo chain. Each link has a 180-degree rotation to give it a distinctive appearance. The links' interlocking produces a sturdy chain with a distinctive appearance. It comes in various widths and lengths. Instead of wearing it alone, it usually looks best with a pendant. It is additionally known as a Belcher chain.

  • Omega Chain: Since the metal segments in an Omega chain are flattened and joined, it is comparable to a herringbone chain. As with any other necklace, these chains are frequently worn and look fantastic. Women wear them more often. However, a pendant may be worn on them if you choose. To move freely on an omega chain's unique design, these pendants must have sliders.

  • Byzantine Chain: The chain of the Byzantine empire is intricate. It is among the chains with the most intricate designs you can discover. It has connections that are oval or circular and are interwoven in a multi-dimensional pattern. It has a significant amount of texture, and the links alternate between going left and going right. Four other links are passed through by one link in the chain, creating a pristine charm you can flaunt. 



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